Nomadikas Retreat Zakynthos

The exclusive villas offer luxurious living within private gardens amidst olive and cypress trees. Located near Madrakia Beach and the port, the villas provide access to Cephalonia, the Blue Caves, and Shipwreck Beach. Guests can enjoy swimming, yoga, group activities, and local cuisine. Highlights include island expeditions, a yacht cruise, and yin yoga classes.

Nomadikas Retreat Zakynthos
Nomadikas Retreat Zakynthos
Zakynthos, Greece
Nomadikas Retreat Zakynthos

About Nomadikas Retreat Zakynthos

Nomadikas Retreat, nestled among olive and cypress trees, offers beautifully designed exclusive villas epitomizing laid-back luxury. The retreat features elegant infinity pools, heated whirlpools, and generous terraces for relaxation. Its prime location provides easy access to Madrakia Beach, local shops, restaurants, and renowned attractions like Cephalonia, the Blue Caves, and Shipwreck Beach. Guests can partake in various activities including swimming, yoga, workshops, and group activities, while also enjoying fresh local food from island tavernas. Afternoons are packed with planned activities and expeditions, including an all-day luxury yacht cruise. The day concludes with a relaxing yin yoga class and a candlelight dinner, making Nomadikas Retreat a perfect sanctuary for rejuvenation.

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Nomadikas Retreat Zakynthos

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