Nefeli Nine Retreat

Nefeli Nine invites you to a week-long luxury fitness retreat in the beautiful landscapes of Nafplio Greece. The retreat features yoga, hiking, and healthy meals aimed at enhancing your well-being. Regardless of fitness level, the program is adaptable, promoting teamwork and personal rejuvenation. Come experience Greece's raw beauty, enjoy relaxation, fitness challenges, and savor local Greek delicacies. Revitalize your life with us at Nefeli Nine.

Nefeli Nine Retreat
Health & Fitness
Nefeli Nine Retreat
Nafplio, Greece
Nefeli Nine Retreat

About Nefeli Nine Retreat

Nefeli Nine extends an invitation for a week-long luxury fitness retreat featuring yoga, hiking, and slow living inspired meals. Set in the raw, wild beauty of Nafplio, overlooking the Mediterranean, it offers an opportunity to shed unwanted fat, alleviate stress, and transform well-being.

Discover Nafplio, one of the Peloponnese's most stunning towns, once the Greek state's first capital from 1823-1834. Nafplio's intriguing history and Venetian allure captivate visitors. Mythology credits its founding to Poseidon’s son, Nafplios, who named it after himself.

Nefeli Nine offers an exceptional fitness holiday designed to invigorate participants' lives. No matter one's fitness level, the program is adaptable, encouraging teamwork and completion together. From seasoned Iron Man finishers to fitness novices, all will find challenge, motivation, and rejuvenation.

Participants can relax their minds, refresh their bodies, and revitalise their lives. A seat awaits at the table, complete with a serving of spanakopita and a glass of ouzo.

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Nefeli Nine Retreat

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