Mediterra Retreat

This wellness retreat, located in northern Attica, is a haven for relaxation and holistic health. A short distance from Athens and the airport, it offers a variety of activities including yoga, meditation, NLP workshops, and detox programs. Guests can enjoy unique experiences like organic farming, gourmet dining, and walks to Marathon lake. The retreat accommodates up to 10 people for overnight stays, and also hosts special events by professionals. Whether it's a daily escape or a longer stay, this retreat promises a tranquil and rejuvenating experience.

Mediterra Retreat
Spa & Relaxation
Mediterra Retreat
Agias Annas, Kapandrítion, Greece
Mediterra Retreat

About Mediterra Retreat

Situated in the peaceful northern area of Attica, 32 kilometers from Athens' hub and a 35-minute drive from the airport, this wellness haven provides a multitude of experiences such as yoga, meditation, wellness programs, NLP sessions, healthy culinary courses, parenting workshops, socializing events, detox retreats, business meetings, wine sampling, aqua fitness, and beyond. Guests can relish daily lakeside walks to Marathon, engage in organic farming, savor fine dining, and unwind by the poolside.

Capable of hosting up to 10 people for an overnight stay or arranging day retreats, the location caters to a plethora of events, whether we organize them or they're hosted by esteemed professionals for their audiences.

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Mediterra Retreat

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