KOIA Wellness Resort

KOIA, an eco-friendly luxury resort in Kos, Greece, is deeply rooted in the ancient Hippocratic philosophy of living well. Inspired by the teachings of Hippocrates, born on Kos island in 460 B.C., the resort aims to create a harmonious environment that balances sustainable development with respect for the natural surroundings. Its offerings include organic amenities derived from a range of all-natural signature products. These practices, coupled with the resort's commitment to the Hippocratic principles of well-being, make KOIA a modern-day wellness resort with an ancient philosophical foundation.

KOIA Wellness Resort
KOIA Wellness Resort
Agios Fokas, Kos, Greece
KOIA Wellness Resort

About KOIA Wellness Resort

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Egestas eget mattis maecenas in mattis cursus eu non risus. Neque iaculis maecenas tincidunt tellus, posuere ac sed at consequat. Ullamcorper tortor id sed at volutpat purus, KOIA is a luxury resort in Kos, Greece, deeply rooted in the Hippocratic philosophy of fostering an environment that embodies balance and harmony. This eco-friendly hotel melds ancient wisdom with modern sustainable practices, creating a wellness-oriented setting that aligns seamlessly with the natural landscape. Inspired by Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician and philosopher born on Kos, the resort employs all-natural products that emphasize holistic wellbeing. Recognizing Hippocrates' use of over 250 plants and herbs for healing, KOIA reinforces its commitment to preserving and promoting health through respect for nature and its resources.

Amenities available

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KOIA Wellness Resort

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